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Solar Cell  + On

Sun Energy LED launched the brand “Solar Cell On” in 2019.
We developed the Solar Cell On brand to advance the solar industry with a leading role.
Constant quality improvement is our brand value.

  • Depicts the confidence and commitment of Sun Energy to become an industry leader
  • 'On' implies the advantage of long-lasting bright solar LED streetlights
Design Concept

A simplified design based on the Solar Cell motif embodies Sun Energy’s key role in driving the solar streetlight power generation industry.

The main color is an intense red, which is an indirect implication of sunlight. To supplement the seemingly simple design, yellow is used to express a cell-like image.

The logo is slightly tilted to show the brand's commitment to grow methodically and dynamically.


C0 / M85 / Y100 / K10

C0 / M35 / Y85 / K10

C0 / M85 / Y100 / K10

C0 / M0 / Y0 / K65

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e-Catalogue & Pre-qualification statement 

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